Orthopaedic Post-operative rehabilitation involves regaining appropriate health and function of structures surrounding the joint regions and normalising the biomechanics following any injury or orthopaedic disease.

Surgery is always something we would all like to avoid, but when it becomes an unavoidable option, our team of specialists are on-hand to provide the advice and bespoke rehabilitation that will make the most of your surgical outcome. From relationships built up over years of working closely with a team of orthopaedic surgeons, who specialise in a range of many surgical procedures. Our aim is to achieve the very best possible outcome when surgery is the only resolution. Whether you are recovering from a minor knee procedure, complete shoulder reconstruction, or complex spinal surgery, our therapists have extensive experience and are on-hand to facilitate your recovery and get you back into action.

The successes of your recovery is only as good as your rehabilitation.

Every treatment plan and rehabilitation program we design and develop is bespoke to your needs, limitations and lifestyle. From your post-op initial assessment, we provide continued support answering any questions that you may have following your procedure. We provide a thorough examination that establishes baseline markers and agree clear specific goals with you in correlation with your post-operative rehabilitation.

During your post-operative rehabilitation we provide any necessary hands-on treatment in conjunction with your own specific rehabilitation plan, which is continually reviewed and progressed to ensure an efficient recovery.

Post-Operative Rehabilitation


Rehabilitation should start as soon as possible to speed recovery. Our bespoke rehab programs combine many different components to maximise efficiency and effectiveness. 

  • Reduce Stiffness and Restore optimal movement.
  • Increase Strength of weakened or disused muscles.
  • Restore Function and address compensations of injury.
  • Facilitate safe return to work and hobbies

Pre-Operative Rehabilitation


Many operative procedures benefit from having you at your very best or strongest prior to the surgery so that you can achieve your best possible recovery.  Patients are often referred to Pre-rehabilitation before surgery to discuss post-surgical expectations, including precautions or restrictions and to maximize strength, range of motion, and function before going under the knife.Scientific evidence and our experience has shown that getting the best outcome for your procedure requires as much hard work and preparation before the surgery as after.

  • Increased confidence with information, guidance and support.
  • Faster return to activities with improved muscle function.
  • Adapt and modify lifestyle changes prior to surgery.
  • Build repor with your personal rehabilitation specialist.
  • Create an environment for your post-surgical healing process.

Contact us today to speak to one of our team of rehabilitation specialists for free advice and support for your pre and post-operative recovery.