What makes us different?

Why choose us

No waiting lists. No boring exercise sheets. Dedicated hands on care to relieve your pain and address underlying causes for the long term.

Professional Diagnosis

Experienced in-depth assessment to identify the root cause and the contributing factors of your pain and problem.

Dedicated Treatment

Hands on treatment delivered by our specialist team to immediately relieve your pain and address the underlying causes of your symptoms.

Bespoke Rehabilitation

Personal and bespoke to your needs. Delivered by rehab specilists with a wealth of experience to support your long term recovery.

Experienced services and care

Qualified professionals

We are one of the leading providers of musculoskeletal assessment, treatment and rehabilitation services in the North West.

Assessment & Analysis

Detailed subjective and objective assessment to accurately assess the nature and severity of your condition whilst identifying any contributing factors and underlying problems that you may have.


Manual therapy, or manipulative therapy, is a physical treatment primarily used by massage therapists. manual therapy is defined as a clinical approach utilizing skilled techniques.

Massage Therapy

We are specialists in massage therapy. Massage involves working and acting on the body with pressure – structured, unstructured. Massage can promote relaxation.


A physician having completed training in this field is referred to as a physicist. Physicists specialise in restoring optimal function to people with injuries to the muscles, bones.


There is a diverse range of acupuncture approaches, involving different. Acupuncture is a form of alternative medicine. It is commonly used for pain relief.

Pre & Post Operative Rehabilitation

Orthopedic physical therapy is the foundation of our practice and represents the majority of our patient referrals. We are specialists and experts in evaluating, treating and managing patients.

Corporate Wellness

Sports medicine, also known as sport and exercise medicine, is a branch of medicine that deals with physical fitness and the treatment & prevention of injuries related to sports and exercise.

Your team of Specialists

Expert Treatment

Dedicated hands on treatment from a team of fully qualified therapists. To relieve your pain and address your problem.

Luke Brown

Musculoskeletal Consultant

Robyn Crebbin

Sport Rehabilitator

Joanne Philbin


Becky Rustom

“I’ve been to physio’s for over 10 years with frequent bouts of back, neck and shoulder pain. Not one has even come close to the expert treatment I received from Luke and his team. Very professional, friendly and hardworking. I can’t recommend Lowton Rehab highly enough. ”

Jessica Lenon (Back and Shoulder Pain)

“Been using Lowton Rehab for the last 6 years. Best ever. I’ve tried lots of other treats and physio's but this one works ever time. Very friendly and very helpful. ”

Marcus Cradden (Lower back and shoulder problem)

“I was put at ease within seconds of Luke. A very professional & dignified service with detailed explanations alongside treatment, that kept me totally informed of what's happening. Pain and discomfort are now a thing of the past. Highly recommended service for anyone in pain.”

Angela Elizabeth (Lower back and neck pain)

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The highest quality assessment, treatment and rehabilitation from our dedicated clinics or the comfort of your own home.

Lowton Rehab Clinic

Lowton Rehab, Newton Rd, Lowton, Warrington, WA3 2BH

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Backpain Manchester Clinic

Backpain Mobile Clinic, Lancaster Rd, Salford, M6 8AQ

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Atherton Satellite Clinic

Leigh Rd, Atherton, Manchester, M46 0PJ

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Glazebury Satellite Clinic

Warrington Rd, Glazebury, Warrington, WA3 5NT

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